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Fan fiction for the Pretender; Perry Mason; Scarecrow & Mrs. King & MacGyver



The Pretender

Tell Me Her Name: by Marie King

Jarod faces his feelings and Miss Parker. J/MP UST

A Lover's Condundrum by Marie King

Jarod and Miss Parker ruminate on unresolved issues. J/MP/Angst Post-ep Ranger Jarod

What An Empty Heart Must Feel by Marie King

Missing scene from Bloodlines J/MP


Perry Mason

Making Memories: by Hortense Zitkowsky

Perry and Della spend an afternoon together. P/D romance

Undeclared: by Becca Ramsey NEW!!

A month after Perry takes the bench the old friends have a reunionů of sorts. P/D romance

Undeniable, Part One: by Becca Ramsey NEW!

Moira Elisabeth Street reflects on the interweavings of her daughter's life as Della arrives for a visit... with a guest.


Scarecrow and Mrs. King

One Perfect Memory: by Anna B

A wife remembers her husband. Character Death

For more Scarecrow & Mrs. King fan fiction go to Timikro Press


No Greater Grief: by Anna B

Nikki travels to Los Angeles after Mac is injured. Takes place during the episode Passages. Angst M/N Romance

For more Mac & Nikki fan fiction go to Timikro Press



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