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Never in fandom has any couple created the uproar that this pair has. In one episode, with a few words, the relationship between Major Samantha Carter and Colonel Jack O'Neill ripped a chasm in Stargate fandom that has yet to be repaired. Those words, "Because I care about her, a lot more than I am supposed to", uttered by Jack about Sam in Divide and Conquer, were hardly a declaration of undying love, but it was enough to send fans onto the no-romo -vs- shipper battleground. SJ'rs were in heaven, especially when instead of ignoring the 'ship, TPTB choose to allow it to simmer in the background for the rest of the 4th season. Of course, they knew the 'ship was there from the very first minute these two very different people looked at each other across the briefing room. And TPTB did not disappoint us, creating not one, but two AU's where Sam and Jack were together, before Divide and Conquer. What makes it bittersweet, at least to some SJ'rs, is the fact that this couple is willing to put their personal feelings aside for the greater good, in this case, keeping Earth safe from the Gou'alds.


Best Sam and Jack Episodes

(in no particular order)

Children of the Gods- Because it was the first time the sparks flew.

The Broca Divide- That kiss, that wildly passionate kiss! Growl.

Emancipation- Because he was bought her back from the bad guys and then let her fight for her own freedom.

Solitudes- Sam & Jack stranded alone on a ice planet struggling to save themselves.

Singularity- Sam finds & bonds with an orphaned child & then risks her life to protect the child. Can we say angst? Did you see his face when he first realized she wasn't coming back up & then when he heard her voice?

Secrets- Sam & Jack do Washington. Don't know why exactly, but we find this ep incredibly shippy.

Fire and Water- More angst, this time they get to share it when Daniel dies. Oh and the hug.

Therefore but for the Grace of God- Our first glimpse of an Alternate Universe where Sam & Jack are engaged.

Politics- For no reason other than Jack's reaction to the news that he & Sam are engaged in the AU. Danny is telling him that Aphosis is planning to wipe out Earth & Jack can't seem to get past the fact that the other Jack was engaged to the other Sam.

In the Line of Duty- Angsty, so very angsty, when Sam is taken over by a Gou'ald & nearly dies. Jack chooses to stay with a critically ill Sam during a crisis on base.

The Tok'ra- Jack helps save her dad & we get to meet the Tok'ra, including Martouf.

Message in a Bottle- Sam's turn to suffer when Jack is severely injured by an alien device.

A Matter of Time- Another one we find shippy, but can't tell you why, other than the charming scene where Sam explains the wormhole effect to Jack, one more time.

1969- Just because it's a wonderful episode.

Out of Mind/Into the Fire- Action, adventure and angst. What more can we say? Oh and didja notice he can't take his eyes off her bare back?

Point of View- A second look at the AU Sam and Jack. This time they're married.

Urgo- Because it's fun. And because we love Dom.

100 Days- Some consider this one anti-ship, but in reality it moves the ship forward because Sam faces her feelings for her Colonel.

Nemesis/Small Victories- For the fishing invitations of course.

Divide and Conquer- The one that caused all the controversy. And the end of Martouf.

2010- Another almost anti-ship ep- but the cabin scene & the fact they risk everything to turn back time makes it shippy. Very shippy.

Window of Opportunity- A fun romp through time & another kiss.

Beneath the Surface- Even when they think they are other people, the feelings are there. A great ep period.

Tangent- Once again Sam is determined to rescue her Colonel no matter what.

Entity- Good sci-fi with a shippy twist. More Jack angst, only this time he has to "kill" Sam to save her from an alien entity. What shipper can resist the bed side scenes.


Songs that make us think of Sam & Jack

 For the First Time

 Nothing at all

 I won't send Roses

 Crazy Love

 Hold onto the Night

For the definitive list of Sam & Jack shippy songs go to the links page for the SJD.

Sam and Jack Quotes 

 Jack about Sam: "Because I care about her a lot more than I'm supposed to."

 Janet about Jack: "You care about him, don't you?" Sam :"Yes."

 Jack about Sam: "I would have rather died myself than lose Carter."

 The entity with in Sam to Jack: "This one has memory of you."

 Jack to Sam: "Ya sure ya betcha snookums."

 Sam: "You'll like me once you get to know me." Jack: "Oh I adore you already."


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